Return Staff

Return Staff Information

The application deadline has passed for 2017.

Dear Camp SAM Volunteer, we are excited you are interested in volunteering your time and talents again in 2017!  We look forward to working with you to bring the 'magic' of Camp SAM to these awesome kids we are so fortunate to serve. After all, Camp SAM is ALL About the Kids!

As a reminder, Kellie Reece, Family Outreach Director, will be in charge of On-Therapy Family Camp, Sibling Camp, and Off-Therapy Family Camp. 

Jennifer Amundsen, Program Director, will be in charge of both weeklong camps and Jr./Sr. Weekend Camp.

2017 REQUIRED Volunteer Training & Orientation:  All accepted volunteers will attend one day of training in April. In addition to this day of training, volunteers will also be required to complete a number of staff training videos through Expert Online Training. You will be required to watch the videos, take and pass a quiz at the end of each video. This will be required prior to any camps you attend. We believe these training videos and quizzes will be useful in preparing you for Camp. 

2017 Required Training:

Volunteer Training and Orientation will be in April with more details to come. Location: Children's Harbor