Camp Forms

2017 Camp Smile-A-Mile Application is Available!

Dear Parents, the 2017 application is now available through our online camper registration process. To complete the application, click here. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Camp Directors:
Kellie Reece, Family Outreach Director directs On Therapy Family Camp, Sibling Camp and Off Therapy Family Camp.
Jennifer Amundsen, Program Director directs Youth Weeklong Camp, Jr/Sr Weekend Camp and Teen Camp.



Medical Forms

Parents, please use the medical forms for your family on the CampSite website link.  All forms must be competed and uploaded through this registration method.  

Medical forms are required for each patient, sibling and parent attending a camp session; whether it is patient weeklong camp, sibling camp or family camp. On therapy patients are required for their oncologist to review and sign the medical form. If the child is off therapy, their pediatrician should review and sign the medical form. All sibling medical forms require a signature of their pediatrician. Parents are required to fill out their own medical form and a doctor signature is not required.