For Parents

Dear Parents

We can only imagine how scary it was for you to hear the words, "your child has cancer." Your life since this diagnosis has certainly not been the same and 'normal life' as you knew it before no longer exists. With frequent doctor visits, chemotherapy, surgeries and inpatient hospital stays, life has thrown you a curve ball and the most important task becomes 'survival' survive a long day of treatment, and most importantly, for your child to survive their diagnosis.

Here is where Camp Smile-A-Mile looks forward to introducing you to an opportunity to experience love, fun, fellowship, lifelong friendship, family togetherness and so much more wrapped in an amazing camp experience!  Camp Smile-A-Mile realizes the importance of serving the entire family, and not just the child that has been diagnosed with cancer. We hope your family will join us at Family Camp and we hope to give some much needed attention to the siblings of the patient at Sibling Camp. Ultimately, we hope each child diagnosed with cancer,  who is eligible to attend, will come and experience a week of camp and the 'magic' of Camp SAM!

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To give you an idea of what parents say about Camp SAM, please read these quotes below...

"Because of Camp SAM, we were able to meet other families going through treatment at family camp, and were able to let our child stay with 'strangers' for the first time and it helped her overcome her fear of mommy 'leaving her' and mommy was able to feel good about it, knowing she was in good hands."

"Because of Camp SAM, as a single mother with two children, I was able to get the respite time that I needed to regroup at family camp. Also, it gave me an opportunity to be with other moms that have experienced the same types of things as I do on a daily basis. It helped to know there are other moms out there that can relate well and I'm not alone on this journey. My kids loved it and it gave us all a chance to be away from each other and they know they are not alone either. I'm so grateful for all the counselors that volunteered their time so that my family could have a weekend and a break from life."

We hope you will join us for the Camp SAM experience! "I heard and I forgot, I saw and I remembered, I did and I never forgot!" No words or pictures can prepare you for the experience of Camp SAM. Come and prepare to be changed!


Jennifer B. Amundsen
Program Director  
  Kellie A. Reece
Family Outreach Director